Reuben Rant

Don’t even get me started on the black highlighting. Is that an oxymoron?

I’ve purposely censored Mr. Leprechaun’s face because I don’t want him to feel personally responsible for the verbal atrocities that have been committed in the subject of today’s post.

Before I get too carried away, I want to first show my appreciation for the position of the apostrophe in “Luck O’ the Irish.” While O’ is not a contraction we’re used to seeing, it is indeed a contraction, signaling the omission of an “f”. I was so pleased.
Until I glanced down.
There was one o’ my most loathed misspelled words. I cannot tell you how often I have seen the word Reuben misspelled on a menu. I have made a pact with myself: if either Reuben or Caesar (or both) are misspelled in a menu, I cannot return to the restaurant. I have my standards. Here’s a hint: when you type “rueben” into Google, and it asks if you meant “reuben”, it’s time to take the hint.
Finally, there is the issue o’ the extraneous apostrophe. It almost negates the fine demonstration in the headline.

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