The Sticker Fix

Wondering what to have for dinner tonight? Well, I hear Damon’s is offering quite a deal.

Keep your eyes fixed on the extra dollar sign. Don’t look away…
Except, what is the deal exactly? It would appear that no one noticed that extra dollar sign during the proofreading process. One can only assume that they had already printed thousands upon thousands of these postcards before the error was discovered. What to do? Reprint? Absolutely not. Too expensive.
What happened here is commonly known as the “Sticker Fix.” It amounts to paying a few people to hand sticker EVERY SINGLE POSTCARD! I wonder if it was more economical than reprinting? And I’m certain no one (except me)  peeled off the sticker to see what was underneath. Heck, it could have been one of those secret grand prize drawings! I wasn’t going to miss out on winning a car, boat or–who knows– free ribs for life?
The ribs are good, though.

Presto! The extra dollar sign is gone! Now for my next trick...



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2 responses to “The Sticker Fix

  1. Kathryn McCary

    I wonder if it was more economical than reprinting?

    If you are looking at economies of time rather than money, almost certainly. You can buy a box of printable stickers at your local office big-box store, run off however many thousand you need on your home laserjet or inkjet, and you and few immediate family members can spend an evening in front of the TV affixing them to the postcards (this is much harder to do while reading than while watching TV, but nevermind. . .). Problem solved in a day or so; on the other hand, the commercial printer who did the original job is going to add it to the end of the print queue. . .

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