Let’s Crack Some Eggs.

The Omelete Shop

Where it all began

Apologies are in order to all of you who live in my town and consider this restaurant something of an icon. Let’s face it, this place has survived 20 years on a street where the For Rent signs sometimes last longer than the retail establishments. Making it on Main Street is saying something.

I distinctly remember the day I first saw this sign. I was sitting in the restaurant across the street, facing this storefront. I remarked to the person sitting across from me, “That sign is missing a “t” in “omelette.” She smirked in a way that said to me, “You’re new in town, and you don’t get it.”

She was right. I was new in town. I had lived here about a month, and who was I to criticize? Fifteen years later, I feel I have every right. This sign bugs me everytime I see it. It doesn’t keep me from eating here though. Their Farmer’s Harvest omelette is great!

Merriam-Webster says there are two spellings for “omelette.” The other is the simpler “omelet.” Interestingly, when I visited today, the sign below greeted us on the sidewalk. The irony here is, the restaurant owner would consider this handwritten sign misspelled. But it is, in fact, correct. I love the fact that, whomever wrote this is, knowingly or unknowingly, contributing to the literacy of downtown! Hats off to you, wherever you are!

Omelet - correct!

Gold star for a perfectly spelled omelet.



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2 responses to “Let’s Crack Some Eggs.

  1. Trish

    Omeletin’ you know that you are my spelling (and grammar) idol!

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