The Uninvited Apostrophe

Maybe that's a chocolate chip? No, it's an apostrophe

The lighting in the restaurant was dim, but not so poor that I couldn’t notice the extraneous apostrophes in the menu.  I’m not sure what it is with apostrophes. Do they just wander into these documents on their own hoping no one will notice? Plural words get along just fine without them. I’ve decided to call these apostrophes “party crashers.” They just slip in hoping no one will notice.



Filed under apostrophe, English Language, punctuation

2 responses to “The Uninvited Apostrophe

  1. Sarah

    Sometimes I wonder if people think that an extra apostrophe makes their writing look fancier! I’ve recently seen major issues with apostrophes, run-on sentences, sentence fragments, and verb tense. Some are from non-native English students, and I give these folks credit for learning a difficult language. I don’t know where the educational gaps occurred for others, but I did hear a teacher say ‘these ones’ the other day. I just cringed!

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