A Prescription for Bad Punctuation

Sick Sign
Perhaps the sticker set they used didn’t have any commas.

What do you do when you’re in the doctor’s office, you don’t want to touch any magazines for fear of getting some contagious disease, and you’ve already watched the headline news loop twice? I do what I do best — look for things to edit. This day, I only had to look as far as the wall.

In this case, a comma after “needed” and a lower case “p” in “Please” is all they would need to revive this ailing sign. I’m not going to argue about the capital “P” in physician.


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2 responses to “A Prescription for Bad Punctuation

  1. Rosemarie Rung

    Jeannine, good catch! What annoys me is more math related – when people use the cents sign with the decimal point, for example, “.99¢” – I feel like giving them a penny and saying, “Keep the change.”

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